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Customer Testimonials

While they were on their way, they called to let me know they are coming and from then we never lost communication until they arrived on my pickup address. They asked for my instructions and I can see that they were trained and professional movers. Not like the old ones I hired that it was like their first time doing a move. From now on, I should never worry about moving as I now know I can rely to Maple Leafs Movers. Good job!Drew, Maple Leafs Movers

I am one of the people who have been impressed by Maple Leafs Movers. The movers were incredibly helpful with each other while they were loading and unloading my things. They showed up on time and the final quote was fair enough as I know that moving heavy furniture is not easy. Thank you so much!Axel, Maple Leafs Movers

Choosing Maple Leafs Movers is one the best decisions i made this year. What a great experience we had. I never got the chance to thank them for helping us out but I would definitely recommend them to friends and relatives!Cindy, Maple Leafs Movers


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